Has the education system turned into a business?

There was a time in India when the Guru’s were considered like parents and the education was considered as a blessing. The Guru chose his student and gave the education as a blessing.

But everything doesn’t remain the same as always, the education system is turning into a well flourishing business. Well business isn’t a bad thing but the increasing cost of getting knowledge is leaving many in the darkness.

In today’s world if you go to a place then you will find that there is a colony specially reserved for coaching institutes and hostels. Everyone wants a good education and that’s really a good thing but the bad thing is that they put their knowledge at auction. Like if you are reading this blog from India you must be well aware of what I am saying but still, let me make my point more clear. For example, there is an exam called JEE which is an abbreviation for the joint entrance examination. I am taking this example as I have closely observed it. In India, the majority of students after passing class 10, start dreaming of becoming an engineer or doctor. I was the former one lol.

Skipping all details let me state what I observed. Every coaching has 90 percent of students cleared JEE but is that true? No one knows, what we know is that every institute that exists in India will surely make you clear JEE. I could never understand how they can bring so much confidence in them. Anyways, so what I really observed is that they are just doing their business like a seller selling their product to the consumer but the difference is that the product is knowledge and we are the consumer. To make the consumer happy they provide us with incentives like for example, the last day I was going around and I saw a coaching center is giving computers to their student and the consumers which are the students fall for the free gifts and take their product.

Selling a product is not a bad thing but to make fake promises knowing that it would be responsible for our career is a bad thing. Providing scholarships to the so-called apt student and taking full fees from the so-called inapt student is wrong. Dividing someone on the basis of a so-called entrance examination and giving the verdict that one will or will not be able to crack the examination is extremely wrong. So you must be thinking of what is right then? The right path is what is the will of the student. Whether one is interested or not. I have seen many of my friends so good at arts but were forced to take up something not a cup of their tea. The coaching institutes takes a hefty amount of money for their business. Just give it a thought if my friend spends part of the money in his hobby, how much he can achieve. But as we all know it’s a risk so we abstain from doing it. This risk part is important, a person who doesn’t take risks cannot achieve something outstanding. I am not telling you to just dive, I am rather telling you that I have a plan and right hard work to achieve it and always have plan B while taking risks.

Sorry I was kinda flown in the emotions lol. Currently during lockdown all schools are off but still they are carrying out their business of harassing parents by collecting fees and showing them they are teaching through online classes. The parents fail to understand that it just a way of earning money and they pay the fees regularly. The government has announced many things but I can’t see any of them in action.

Thus finally I want to say that we are consumers and we should use our consumer rights more properly.

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