Is being divided our fate?

From the time we gain senses, we always hear that we are from this religion or that cater or that race whatsoever. We are always told to do things that our race or religion advises and abstain from doing other's religious stuff. Because of this, it creates a feeling of superiority or inferiority feelings in the innocent mind of the child. The child ought to think that we all are not equal. These things act as a poison in our society and lead to its destruction.

The criminal those are accused of discriminatory acts or killing in the name of caste, creed or religion, do you think he was like that from birth or it’s the society that created molded him into a monster. Isn’t it the fault of the people around him who filled his mind with poison and created a sense of discrimination in him.

You must have noticed some things which never made sense to me; like filling a religion column in the form for school or college. What would a teaching institute have to do with your religion? Isn’t their work just to provide good education and teach us humanity? Our world is so divided by the lines we have created. We have created race, caste. We have created the definition of being superior or inferior. We have declared that one is black other is white and so on. Do you think it’s right for a politician or news channel to say or discriminate against a whole religion or race for some people?

I have noticed some changes in society from a few years ago. Earlier, if a person killed someone, everyone said that he is a murderer but now if a person kills someone, his whole race or religion is portrayed as a murderer. Do you think it’s true? It’s just the greed of news channels to earn money that is making them do so. Does mentioning the religion or race of an accused will finish all crimes? Or it will just create hatred among the religions.

Not going too far from reality, let me tell you my story, after a communal riot in my city, I was treated with hatred just because I was from a specific religion. I remember some of my friends asking me “ Tell that your religion has lost and my religion won”. Being just in secondary school these things left deep grooves on me. I am never told to hate religion or to pursue a particular religion. It’s my choice. It really should not matter to other people yet because their mind filled with division is made to think that belonging to a specific religion or caste means he is no worth or he shouldn’t exist. They forget that everyone born in this world is same worth as they are, irrespective of their caste, creed, or gender.

By expressing this I don't want to tell who is innocent or who is guilty. I just want to say that telling that the world is equal doesn’t mean that it is. Until we change the perspective of our politicians or media nothing is going to happen whatsoever we do.

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