Things you should know about Asteroid 2020 KN5

NASA’s automated asteroid tracking system has detected an approaching near-Earth object that’s bigger than a building. Based on the data collected by the agency, the incoming asteroid will intersect Earth’s orbit on Thursday (June 4).

The asteroid is currently being monitored by NASA through its Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). As indicated in the CNEOS database, the approaching asteroid is known as 2020 KN5.

The organization evaluated that this space rock gauges around 177 feet wide, making it bigger than the Chicago Water Tower. As indicated by CNEOS, the space rock is as of now moving towards Earth at a normal speed of more than 28,000 miles for every hour.

2020 KN5 was first observed on May 31. After analyzing its orbit, NASA learned that the asteroid follows a wide trajectory around the Sun. It occasionally flies beyond the orbit of Mars.

As the asteroid travels within the Solar System, it occasionally crosses Earth’s path. Due to its Earth-intersecting orbit, 2020 KN5 has been classified as an Apollo asteroid.

Given the asteroid's size and current speed, it in all likelihood won't cause an effect or hit the ground on the off chance that it slams into Earth. Rather, the space rock will likely break apart subsequent to entering the air and detonate mid-air.


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