"Told to hand over Quran or face punishment"

These were the order given by the Chinese government to the Muslin ethnic minority known as Uighur Muslim.

Before telling about them let me introduce in short you who are Uighur Muslims, immigrated from Central and East Asia they are they Muslim ethnic minority living in the North western region of Xinjiang province. They were 55th officially recognized ethnic minority speaking the Turkic language. They are also called as Sart by old Russian travelers and Tuki by Western travelers. Having a dream of making Xinjiang East Turkestan like before, they are rejected as being recognized even as an indigenous group.

Now since you know about them let me tell you why we should be concerned about them.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), between 2017-2019, the Chinese government started to transfer the Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities from Xinjiang to various parts of the country. After several months, the truth if this transportation came to light, it was estimated that around 1 million of them were detained at the so-called "Re-educational camp", and about 80000 of them were forced to work at 83 different global companies factories.

The Chinese govt. didn't stop here, they did many other inhumane things to them which I am going to tell you further:

  1. They all in constant threat of being arbitrarily detained and monitored.

  2. Even their family members back at Xinjiang are being harassed.

  3. Their freedom of movement is taken away from them, they are restricted within the walls of the factories.

  4. They live under a very abusive condition which we cannot think of.

  5. They are kept in segregated dorms which are very isolated from the world.

  6. They are made to work excessive hours and then are forced to attain Chinese classes in the evening, where they are mind washed.

  7. The Chinese govt. also work on editing the verse of the Quran and Bible which, goes against their party believes.

  8. Muslim countries are in a good diplomatic relationship with China so they are also not taking any steps. The prince of Saudi said that it was right of China in order to curb terrorism, the Pakistani president said that he has no idea about it and Turkish president opted to be in silence after he came in good relations with China. More than 35 countries defended China in the UN.

9. They are even killed in prison for their 'Halal' organs so as to sell them to rich Saudi's for transplantation.

After all this, we think we should stop it but we don't know-how. We think we will do this to do that but it all remains our thought. If we really want to do something then, instead of trending useless topics on twitter trend this topic all around the world so that it could create an impact on the Chinese govt. Thus this was my thought on this topic. thank you for reading :)

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