Walking through "Valley of rice" or Sikkim

Sikkim is a state in northeastern India. It fringes China in the north and upper east, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west, and West Bengal in the south. Sikkim is likewise found near India's Siliguri Corridor close to Bangladesh. Sikkim is the least crowded and second littlest among the Indian states. A piece of the Eastern Himalaya, Sikkim is remarkable for its biodiversity, including elevated and subtropical atmospheres, just as being a host to Kangchenjunga, the most noteworthy top in India and third most noteworthy on Earth. Sikkim's capital and biggest city are Gangtok. Practically 35% of the state is secured by the Khangchendzonga National Park.

My journey to this beautiful place started during my winter vacation as my main aim was to see snowfall (sounds funny though). So I boarded a train from Patna to New Jalpaiguri which cost me around 900 rs. It was a night journey with not so peaceful sleep thanks to the vendors. However, by tomorrow morning I reached New Jalpaiguri Junction which was again a big station. As I got off the train I was surrounded by people asking me where I wanted to go. Since I was new to the place and I was getting bewildered, so I thought to book through them would be a better option but I guess it wasn't which I will tell you afterward why it wasn't. They took me to a tour agency where they showed numerous plans costing from 5k to 10 k but as we didn't bring a lot of money so I chose 5k plan, which included tour to Sikkim, a lake, and to the border area. Anyways moving forward, they made me sit a bolero (a big car) and I waited in it for 30 minutes till it moved towards my destination i.e. Sikkim, telling the truth the car was extremely compact and hardly I was even able to move and above all, it took 5 hours more than the usual time. We got in the car at 7 am and reached Sikkim by 7 pm!

Though the journey was so long and tiring the best path was that our journey was through mountains. It was like every second we saw some beautiful scenery and clicked so many pictures. On the way, the car had a stoppage where we were able to eat something. We ate momos and noodles but there were many other options but they were costly.

So finally we reached Sikkim but it was dark by that time, so I went to the hotel on a shared cab which was not that costly, to the hotel as provided by the tour agency. The room was okay according to its price I would give 3.5 in 5. So the next day we had to go to a car stop kind of place where all I could see were cars and people. That place was kind of bus stop from where we can rent a car to all tourist places and to Darjeeling (which I will be discussing in my next blog).

So after calling over 10 times to the agency and to the driver we finally got the car which we were looking for. The car had 7 people in total including me. So from there, our main journey started. From snow-clad mountain ranges to frozen rivers. Everywhere you could see is a rugged and enormous yet extremely beautiful mountain range. The site took us all aback for a second because living in the concrete forest we totally forget what true nature is, it's beauty and strength make was to think for a second that we are just nothing in this nature though we are every day destroying this beautiful nature just for our sake.


after a few hours of mesmerizing journey and beautiful site seeing, we finally reached the top of the range where 3 countries met each other, India, Chian, and Bhutan. Seeing the hardworking and extremely dutiful army person we all felt that ache in our heart and respect in our eyes for his duty for nation, so away from the warmth of home.

So after 1 hour of stay, we started to descend, on the way we stopped for eating. We ate noodles again lol and the people were extremely amicable, We just loved them. We also visited the frozen lake which was surrounded by yaks on which you can ride for 100 rs. So by evening I finally returned to my room and went out for shopping but unfortunately, the things were all costly and were all branded nothing was of their culture. But I must mention that the market was extremely beautiful and clean.

So finally the next day I checked out of the hotel in morning and went to Darjeeling was I couln't get on the toy train so I went to New Jalpaiguri to return back to home.

So if I shortlist my pros and cons it would be:


  1. Extremely beautiful scenery.

  2. The place is very clean.

  3. there is no noise pollution.

  4. People are very amicable and helpful.

  5. Is not so costly for travelling in a group.


  1. The items are costly than Darjeeling.

  2. All you get to eat is noodles and momo if you are veg and not so much variety of non-veg.

  3. Travelling by car is hectic so opt for a bus it would be comfier.

  4. Take warm clothes with you if you are not used to cold and height.

  5. I would suggest not to go for agency as it is costly and you don't get enough freedom to explore the place.

So that's my experience of travelling to Sikkim :)

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